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here comes the promised update!

oh oops, a week already? Well it's better than a month so yeah. But thanks for all the 'welcome back's. :3 I've missed you guys~ Hence the crying Emperor-icon.

Let's start on that update now then. I don't think I've done any proper entry here since I moved to Falun....or something like that? So let's start there.  Also, I'll add some random and not-so-random pictures to make the read less....just text.

So you know I went to Falun to study Japanese, right? Well, nothing much happened last year that's much to mention (more like I can't remember), but my mentality got better/more stable and I slept better. I must say I loved living there, despite having to share kitchen with everyone else....I sort of avoided the people there. I admit. What can I say, I'm shy.

(buchou as Ankh)

At new years I moved to a different corridor in the same building. There, I had my own kitchen! Living there got even better, and I could work in the kitchen whenever I wanted, which was hard when it was shared with 16~20 people and everyone what everywhere all the time. Moving went really quick since there was me, buchou, aniki, my little brother and my dad. Unpacking was easy too, since buchou stayed over and helped me.

I started my second term of Japanese a little while later, but...I sort of lost motivation. I was in sort of a depression where I didn't want to do anything and had no motivation whatsoever. Besides RP. But I'll get to that part later.

In February I went to Rencon, a convention in Falun. Seremedy and Plunklock played there. Plunklock is goddamn amazing! And they're really nice guys, and promised to come back to Sweden next year! Me and buchou cosplayed Kazari and Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO and were recognized by...one person. XD Talk about Kamen Rider being small in Sweden or what.

(Halo & Kazuki from Plunklock!)

I actually spent my 20th birthday at buchou's place. We had a Kamen Rider OO-photoshoot! It was cold (though colder for buchou) and snowing, but it was fun! Sadly Ankh's arm was painted with paint that wasn't waterproof......not a wise move y'know. So we couldn't use it at the shoot, bu~t. We'll have to do another shoot sometime in the future. If you want to see more of the shoot look here~

In April I quit Japanese. I was so far behind, and didn't have any energy for it. Translating a doujinshi once in a while, sure, but not classes. This easter I moved back to my home village, and I live in the farm helper's house again.

The day before I moved back I went to a concert in Falun though. HITT came, and he was really amazing too. He asked me if the drawings on my arm were real tattoos. They're not, but it's fun that he thought they were cute. :3

(Me & HITT-san!)

So, back to the village. Back here I spend my time searching for a job. I've also applied to some courses at various universities. All distance. Among those there's a design-course, and Italian. Those are the ones I feel like doing the most right now, to be honest. So I'm taking a break from studying Japanese, getting a change of pace.

I'll also get in contact with a shrink, cuz as it turns out? You can see one for free until you're 25 in Hallsberg. See, I found another rare good thing about that dump.

(the sunglasses I got from Glitter and bling-ed up!)

I've been to two job interviews. One in Falun, one in Örebro. Surprisingly, the first one was a lot easier than the second. I started crying during the latest one. ^^;;; Oops? But The guy who interviewed me in Falun was a lot easier to talk to, and we got along pretty well.

So, what else? Roleplaying. Roleplaying has made my life much easier. Right now I'm just playing at Mayfield when it comes to games, but I also hang around dear_mun and bakerstreet. And I'm thinking of apping to Soul Campaign. And Camp Fuck You Die, but their app-system scares the crap out of me.

Did you know that Niou from TeniPuri and Belphegor from Hitman Reborn are totally compatibe? Me and Raye's got lots of plans for them, and they even started it all on their own. Who told them to go start crushing on each other? Sure wasn't us (you know, when the muses go do whatever they want and you can't control them? Yeah. That's what happened to those two). Prom's this weekend, and there'll be a big beautiful mess that forces them to confess to each other there. And it'll all be Fran and Byakuran's fault.

(Niou & Bel~)

Oh, I forgot!

I've also been practicing driving. Started last week, and I'm already doing great! I've driven from Sannahed to Kumla, from Sannahed and hoe, and today...from home to Pålsboda. I was so nervous! But at this rate, I'll be able to drive within a month! Take that, whoever said women can't drive!

And this Friday, the play buchou's in has its premiere. It's called "Obemärkta flickor" (Unnoticed girls) and is about unmarried pregnant women during/before WW2. And I'm totally gonna go watch!

Also, the doctor in Falun is pretty sure she knows what's wrong with my throat and those breathing problems. It's my mentality. Apparently it's supposedly some symptom of angst or whatever, and depression....which means I've been angsty/depressed since I was like....6~8?

(me as Kazari. Damn I wanna do his Greeed-form as well.)

And excuse any spelling errors in this, I haven't double checked it.

Also, I've got a Swedish blog over here. It's got a translating-tool though, and it works....as well as Google-translate does, but it's understandable, actually. So if you want to know more details about things like the con or the concert and random crap, it's all there. =3 Also, I'd love to see what you've got to say about the layout there, as well as here on my flavors-page.

That's all folksd! Now I gotta work on the AC for Ryoma, Yachiyo and Emperor, then I'm free to look at your journals. So see ya in a bit!


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