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名前 | Terese 誕生日 | march 8th 身の丈 | 167cm 毛色 | originally red and blond (it's possible!), often dyed in funny colours (currently it's just bleach-blond and orange leftovers though) My journal is locked for the most part, the only post that' no longer locked is the post with the karafun-files (ie the ~master list~). If you're curious towards me or want me to friend you, you'll have to say hi here. So drop a comment, tell me who you are and a little about yourself. And don't forget to tell me to add you, or it'll just be a random comment. ^^ And please, no completely empty journals (locked ones are fine, I can see if you have any posts on your profile. And no journals that are brand new. This is to ensure you're not a bot, okay? Oh, but if I've talked to you earlier, maybe off of LJ or something, and know who you are, just say so in a comment here and it'll be fine.^^

Although, if you're homophobic... don't bother adding my journal, as I post a lot of homo-centric things. I am a proud lesbian after all, and I don't hide it, nor do I ever want to. I've grown up in a tiny village, quite far from civilization. I studied art in high school (for the first time going into town more than twice a year) and I've studied Japanese at university in Falun. But now I'm in my home village again.

I'm into manga, anime and asian live-action and the fandoms range from Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Prince of Tennis, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! to Chu-bra, Gintama and YuruYuri and a lot of other fandoms. I cosplay, and I love doing it, although I'm pretty much never completely satisfied with the costumes after a while and feel the need to remake them. But I do find it fun to cosplay. Oh, and I collect safely pins, and I'm told that I have a boob-fixation not a lie, really


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